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TAKE FIVE FOR FAITH is a simple and effective way to embrace the Pope's call to a new evangelization. Keep the members of your parish or faith community inspired and informed each day with well-crafted reflections on the rich traditions and teachings of the Catholic Church. Take Five’s daily reflections are available to you online and via email and can easily be printed in your church bulletin or parish newsletter and also forwarded electronically to your faith community email list, posted on your community’s website—or all of the above! When you sign up for a Take Five Site License you have the ability to use it in multiple ways in your faith community. The daily reflections even provide a great starting point for homilies!

At last, an economical and simple way to spread the good news and share the best of our faith tradition with everyone in your pastoral care!

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Take Five Daily Reflection for Monday, June 18, 2018

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Take Five for Faith